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Past Event

Defense spending in the states

Past Event

In February, the Department of Defense (DOD) released a strategic roadmap to address supply chain vulnerabilities in the defense industrial base. The report focuses on four areas of critical importance to national security: kinetic capabilities; energy storage and batteries; castings and forgings; and microelectronics. Manufacturing, a key sector in so many regional economies, is highlighted as a strategic enabler for mission success now and in the future. The president’s budget request for DOD once again proposes divesting from legacy systems to invest in modernization efforts. How does the 2023 budget lay the groundwork for this transition? What actions has the administration been able to take thus far to address supply chain vulnerabilities and the need to modernize? How can tools like the Defense Spending by State report help state and local leaders target support to workers and companies in the defense industrial base, so they can be responsive to our current and future national security needs?

On April 28, Brookings hosted a two-part event to discuss these and other issues.

During the live event, viewers can submit questions via email to or on Twitter using #DefenseInStates.


Panel 1: Broad defense spending trends and impact on innovation


Elizabeth Chimienti

Program Activity Lead for Diversification and Realignment - Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation


John G. Ferrari

Nonresident Senior Fellow - American Enterprise Institute

Panel 2: DOD supply chain priorities and the importance of manufacturing


The Hon. Deborah Rosenblum

Performing the Duties of Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy - Department of Defense


Elisabeth Reynolds

Special Assistant to the President for Manufacturing and Economic Development - National Economic Council

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