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Past Event

Deal or no deal? Negotiating with Iran

Past Event

Deal or no deal? Negotiating with Iran

Daniel L. Byman, Robert Einhorn, Suzanne Maloney, and William A. Galston

Talks aimed at producing a political framework to resolve the Iran nuclear issue are likely to come down to the wire before the deadline at the end of March, but already leaders in the United States and Iran are facing an intense debate among key constituencies at home. Iranian hardliners have criticized potential regime concessions, while opponents of a deal in the U.S. Congress are advancing legislation that could undermine the Obama administration’s ability to implement an agreement.

On April 1, the Brookings’ Center for Middle East Policy and the Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Initiative hosted a discussion examining diplomatic progress to date, the components of a credible deal, Iran’s objectives and concerns, and the politics in the United States.

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