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Crisis in Congo: The Search for an International Response

With escalating tensions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), more than 200,000 displaced civilians are living in camps seeking refuge from the violence. These Congolese citizens face hunger, disease and possible armed attack. The European Union and international community have said that it is too early to send in troops to the DRC to bolster the United Nations peacekeeping force. Regional offers of additional peacekeepers have been met with threats from rebel leader Laurent Nkunda and his National Congress for the Defense of the People. Given the ever-worsening situation in the DRC, what are the options to prevent a humanitarian disaster? Will the international community organize an effective international response?

On November 14, the Brookings Institution will host a discussion on the crisis in Congo. Panelists include Faida Mitifu, the ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Congo to the United States and Anthony Gambino, former USAID Mission Director in the DRC. Brookings Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon will provide introductory remarks and will moderate the discussion.

After the program, the panelists will take audience questions.


Introduction and Moderator



David Smith

Deputy Director, United Nations Information Centre

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