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Constraining Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities

The Trump administration’s “maximum pressure campaign” is putting Iran under great stress, but it is unlikely to compel Tehran to accept its far-reaching demands. The United States needs a new strategy for constraining Iran’s future nuclear capabilities as well as its missile program. Two new Brookings monographs—“Constraining Iran’s Future Nuclear Capabilities” by Robert Einhorn and Richard Nephew, and “Constraining Iran’s Missile Program” by Robert Einhorn and Vann Van Diepen—provide recommendations for addressing the challenges to regional and international security posed by Iran’s nuclear and missile programs.

On Thursday, March 28, the Foreign Policy program at Brookings will hold a public event where the authors—Einhorn, Nephew, and Van Diepen—will summarize the reports’ principal findings and recommendations, and Brookings Senior Fellow Suzanne Maloney will provide commentary.

After their discussion, the panelists will take audience questions.


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