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Past Event

Biological Weapons and U.S. Security

The Brookings Institution and the American Society for Microbiology held a conference open to the media and the public on growing concerns over the threat posed to the American people and U.S. national security by biological weapons.

The panels surveyed the basic military and biological nature of the threat, ongoing efforts to limit the threat (including a strengthened biological weapons convention), and ways the United States might respond to any use of biological weapons against its military forces or civilian population. The panelists possess a wide array of relevant experience and expertise.


Introduction and Background

Means to Address the Threat


Dr. Kay Goss

Associate Director for Preparedness, Training and Exercises Directorate, Federal Emergency Management Agency — U.S. civil defense capabilities and efforts against biological attack


Dr. Gary Samore

National Security Council — Prospects and potential of a strengthened biological weapons convention


U.S. Army Colonel David Franz

United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick, Maryland — U.S. military preparations to cope with a biological weapons attack

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