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A proposal for long-term COVID-19 control

Past Event

In a new paper, renowned scientist and AIDS researcher William Haseltine argues that the COVID challenge is serious enough to require steps we have not yet taken as a nation or a world. He proposes a multimodal strategy for long-term COVID control, one that sets up multiple barriers of protection so that we are able to not only contain SARS-CoV-2 and eliminate COVID-19 as a major life-threatening disease, but also return to a new social and economic life. The strategy uses the best of what we have on hand today—a rapidly growing arsenal of vaccines and antiviral drugs and public health measures— with an eye toward future improvements and developments.

On October 15, Brookings hosted Haseltine in a conversation on his proposal for long-term COVID control with Senior Fellow Michael O’Hanlon. Viewers submitted questions via email to or on Twitter using #COVIDProposal.



William A. Haseltine

Trustee, The Brookings Institution - Chairman and President, ACCESS Health International, Inc.

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