World in Danger


World in Danger

Germany and Europe in an Uncertain Time

Wolfgang Ischinger
Release Date: November 10, 2020

A vision of a European future of peace and stability despite the present gloom

The world appears to be at another major turning point. Tensions between the United States and China threaten a resumption of great power conflict. Global institutions are being tested as never before, and hard-edged nationalism has resurfaced as a major force in both democracies and authoritarian states. From the European perspective, the United States appears to be abdicating its global leadership role. Meanwhile, Moscow and Beijing eagerly exploit every opportunity to pit European partners against one another.

But a pivot point also offers the continent an opportunity to grow stronger. In World in Danger, Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany’s most prominent diplomat, offers a vision of a European future of peace and stability. Ischinger examines the root causes of the current conflicts and suggests how Europe can successfully address the most urgent challenges facing the continent. The European Union, he suggests, is poised to become a more powerful actor on the world stage, able to shape global politics while defending the interests of its 500 million citizens. This important book offers a practical vision of a Europe fully capable of navigating these turbulent times.

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Praise for World in Danger

“As a leading diplomat and strategist, Wolfgang Ischinger has worked to elevate Germany’s position within Europe while bolstering Europe’s influence in the world. In World in Danger, Ischinger makes a compelling case for the role that a stronger Europe and a rejuvenated transatlantic alliance can play in resolving the key security challenges of the twenty-first century. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand Germany and Europe’s increasingly critical role in international affairs.”
—Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright

“Wolfgang Ischinger, one of the world’s most gifted diplomats, has written a compelling book arguing that global security, stability, prosperity, and peace require Germany to assume greater responsibility for Europe’s future, for Europe to assume greater leadership in the world, and for Europe and the United States to revitalize the transatlantic link. He is right on all points. The book is a must-read.”
—Stephen J. Hadley, national security advisor under President George W. Bush

“Ischinger is one of the most perceptive analysts of international affairs. His book should reach a broad audience.”
—Former Secretary of State, Henry A. Kissinger


Wolfgang Ischinger was deputy foreign minister (1998–2001) and has served as Germany’s ambassador to both the United States and the United Kingdom. He has chaired the Munich Security Conference, the world’s leading forum for debating international security policy, since 2008.

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