Tracking Nuclear Proliferation

A Guide in Maps and Charts, 1998

Gregory D. Koblentz, Mark G. McDonough, Rodney w. Jones, Toby F. Dalton
Release Date: July 1, 1998

The nature of the nuclear proliferation danger has changed dramatically in recent years. Although more nations than ever before are renouncing nuclear arms under strict international control, a handful of states persistently challenge international norms. Some are attempting to skirt nuclear restrictions they have previously accepted. Others continue to enhance their nuclear forces. Equally threatening is the prospect of an international black market in nuclear materials–a prospect made much more likely with the collapse of the Soviet Union and possible political instability looming in China.

This is the seventh survey in the Carnegie Endowment’s series on nuclear proliferation prepared under the direction of Carnegie Endowment senior associate Leonard S. Spector. This new assessment again offers the most recent available data on key developments in 17 nations of proliferation concern. It also includes new sections describing global ballistic missile proliferation and explaining the multi-layered system of U.S. non-proliferation sanctions. Easy-to-use maps, charts, and explanatory appendices are provided.