Rising States, Rising Institutions

Challenges for Global Governance

Alan S. Alexandroff, Andrew F. Cooper
Release Date: April 14, 2010

A Brookings Institution Press and Centre for International Governance Innovation publication The global order is shifting. Even though no major war has intervened to reshape the architecture of the international...

The global order is shifting.

Even though no major war has intervened to reshape the architecture of the international order, the global financial crisis has accentuated the emergence of an enlarged global leadership. It is clear that change is afoot. The United States may be hanging on as the world’s leading power, as the European Union remains an independent force in global politics, but a host of rising states—including China, India, and Brazil—clamor to be heard and take on bigger roles in world forums.

Rising States, Rising Institutions features a panel of distinguished scholars who examine the forces at work: Gregory Chin (York University), Daniel W. Drezner (Tufts University), Thomas Hale (Princeton University), Andrew Hurrell (Oxford University), G. John Ikenberry (Princeton University), John Kirton (University of Toronto), Flynt Leverett (New America Foundation), Steven E. Miller (Harvard University), Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University), Amrita Narlikar (Cambridge University), and Anne-Marie Slaughter (U.S. State Department). Together they analyze different models of international cooperation, the states that have most actively challenged the existing order, and leading and emergent international institutions such as the G-20, the nascent regime for sovereign wealth funds, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the entities organized to foster cooperation in the war on terror.

Alan S. Alexandroff is a senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo, Ontario, and the research director of the Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation at the Munk Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto.

Andrew F. Cooper is associate director and distinguished fellow at CIGI and professor of political science at the University of Waterloo. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books on diplomacy and global governance.