An Equal Partner

Britain's Role in a Changing Europe

Release Date: February 1, 1998

Established through the European Programme of the Royal Institute, the Commission on Britain and Europe has spent a year examining the future of Britain and the EU. The Commission consists of sixteen experts from the business, policymaking, academic, and media communities and reflects a diversity of views and expertise.

This book assesses the key challenges the European Union faces in the near future, including enlargement, EMU, internal borders, and security. Drawing on a range of interview material and survey data, it assesses the broader evolution of the European Union and what role Britain can and should play in its development. The book’s recommendations lay out a new framework for Britain’s EU relations based around enlargement, EMU, and diversity.

Members of the Commission on Britain and Europe are: George Brock, Alan Dashwood, John Edmonds, Saul Estrin, Timothy Garton Ash, Sir Michael Jenkins, DeAnne Julius, The Earl of Limerick, John Llewelyn, John Lloyd, Riccardo Perissich, Sir Michael Perry, Lord Tugendhat, Field Marshal the Lord Vincent, Angelika Volle, and Helen Wallace.