Cover for Africa's Fourth Industrial Revolution (Cambridge University Press)


Africa’s Fourth Industrial Revolution

Landry Signé
Release Date: June 22, 2023

With the rise of new technologies and disruptive innovations reshaping the global economy, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has been characterized as a fusion between the physical, digital, and biological worlds. From the increasing adoption of mobile devices to the entrepreneurial use of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and robotics, trends across Africa speak to the continent’s potential for growth and sustainable development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this innovative and timely study, Landry Signé examines the meaning, drivers, and implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Africa. Drawing upon comparative, continent-wide analysis, Signé powerfully challenges our understandings of Africa’s transformation and sheds light on the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to change and shape the Global South. By defining and investigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Signé develops a valuable framework for further study and suggests strategies that Africans and their global partners can use to capitalize upon this rapidly evolving technological landscape.