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Who Has the Cure?

Hamilton Project Ideas on Health Care

Edited by Jason Furman

The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution was established to foster policy innovation from leading economic thinkers—ideas based on evidence and experience, not ideology and doctrine. The overall goal is to promote America’s long-term economic growth, and economic security for American families. This important book brings The Hamilton Project’s approach to one of the most critical issues facing Americans today—health care.

In Who Has the Cure? a team of noted economists and policy analysts emphasizes the importance of universal health care—not just its value to individual and families, but also the overall economy. They examine in detail four policy alternatives for achieving universal health insurance coverage that would also improve efficiency in the health care industry.

The contributors to this volume also evaluate proposales designed to make health care more affordable and effective. Among the possible strategies studied here are an expansion of preventive care, income-related cost sharing, and reform of Medicare’s prescription drug benefit.

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