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OECD Insights: From Aid to Development

The Global Fight against Poverty

Edited by Brian Keeley

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set an ambitious target to halve the number of people living in absolute poverty by 2015. That target may be met, but many other MDGs will likely be missed, leaving the world with a development challenge beyond what it had once hoped to face. OECD Insights: Development and Aid examines the scale of that challenge and the role of development aid in helping to meet it.

Brian Keeley and his contributors show that while development aid can help combat poverty and build foundations for economic growth, it is no magic bullet. Aid is just one small part of the financial flows to developing economies. The contexts of aid—donors’ intentions and recipients’ quality of governance, for example—help determine whether or not it works. The book also looks at the evolution of the aid relationship, from donor-recipient to development partners, as well as the aid-effectiveness debate and the potential impact of cooperation between countries of the global South on the development agenda.

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