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In Defense of Israel

A Memoir of a Political Life

By Moshe Arens

The revealing memoir of one of Israeli’s most respected statesmen.


Moshe Arens is one of the last surviving members of the founding generation of Israelis. He is a political insider who has worked with every Israeli prime minister from Menachem Begin to Benjamin Netanyahu, serving in a variety of important positions, including foreign minister and defense minister.


He has also enjoyed an exceptionally close life-long relationship with the United States: he attended high school in New York and colleges in Massachusetts and California, married an American, and served as Israel’s ambassador to the United States.


In this memoir, Arens recounts his early role in the birth of Israel and developing Israel’s aerospace industry, followed by a long and distinguished political career that included service at the very top of Israel’s government for the better part of three decades. Arens advocated relentlessly throughout his political career for his vision of an Israel strong enough to withstand all challenges in its volatile neighborhood.


In Defense of Israel vividly recounts the many battles Arens fought in the political arena, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. The latter included his strong opposition to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s withdrawal from Gaza and parts of the West Bank―an action that led to the takeover of Gaza by Hamas.


Anyone interested in Israel’s place within the contemporary Middle East, including Israel’s relationship with the United States, will find this memoir informative, even eye-opening, and often provocative.

Praise for In Defense of Israel

"Moshe Arens tells a moving story of a life of purpose. An early disciple of Jabotinsky, he made aliya to the new-born Jewish state. As an aeronautics engineer, head of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, ambassador to the United States, and three times Israel’s defense minister, he took part in many of the pivotal events that shaped Israel’s history. In recent years, he devoted his efforts to doing justice for the forgotten heroes of the Warsaw ghetto uprising. His autobiography is clear, penetrating, and fair-minded, reflecting the man himself and the manner in which he selflessly devoted his life to the defense of the Jewish state and the Jewish people. This is an important book."—Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

"Moshe Arens is one of the giants behind Israel’s modern military. He pushed tirelessly for Israel to always be one technological step ahead of its enemies and succeeded through a combination of determination, creativity, and pure guts. All of us have much to learn from his story."—Yaakov Katz, Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Post and coauthor of Weapons Wizards

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