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Charts of the week: Marijuana use by race, Islamist rule in Middle East, climate adaptation savings

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Little difference in Marijuana use by race

Black Americans are nearly 3.5 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana possession, although, as research from Social Mobility Memos shows, marijuana use is nearly the same between black and white Americans.



Recent polling of selected experts by Shadi Hamid and William McCants at the Center for Middle East Policy forecasts the likelihood of Islamic group governance in Middle East nations before 2020. Hamid and McCants emphasize that “Participants differed widely on what constitutes ‘Islamism’ in government.”

Poll results: How likely is it that an Islamist group will govern in each Arab country listed at some point before 2020?Billions in long-term savings from climate adaptation investments TODAY

The EPA estimates that the cumulative expense of sea-level rise and storm surges would reach roughly $810 billion by 2100 even if adaptations preparations were made. Research from the Hamilton Project and EPIC shows that “investments in climate adaptation would greatly lower the burden of climate change.”

Figure: Cost of Sea-level rise and storm surge to coastal property, by response

Sam Dart contributed to this post.


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