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Brookings Today, 2/25/14

Fred Dews

A roundup of some of the content published on today.

  • What is the “global order” and how is it doing? The new Project on International Order and Strategy releases a report and interactive examining this and related questions.

  • The minimum wage. Isabel Sawhill writes that Americans need more than a minimum wage hike.

  • Oil deposits in Uganda. A closer look at oil deposits in Uganda’s Albertine Graben Region, on the Africa in Focus blog.

  • Greenhouse gas regulation. Philip Wallach examines the administrative and institutional concerns in the EPA’s CO2 regulation case before the Supreme Court.

  • Software manufacturing industry. Scott Andes and Mark Muro argue that policymakers should give more attention to the next generation of computer scientists and coders.

  • Clinicians, health reform, and new media. Darshak Sanghavi discusses how social media and MOOCs can help health care reform.

Mingwei Ma contributed to this post.



Fred Dews

Managing Editor, New Digital Products