Trump’s conflicts of interest explained

The Trump Hotel Rio de Janeiro is seen in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 14, 2016. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares - RTX2V3BM

In a new video, Norman Eisen and Richard Painter describe how the president-elect’s and his children’s roles in the Trump Organization can place him in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution—the original U.S. conflict of interest law.

It’s well-known that Trump’s business interests stretch across the globe and entangle him with numerous foreign governments. But without a release of his tax returns, the extent of Trump’s conflicts of interest remain hidden. The American public will not know whether the president-elect, who campaigned on his deal-making abilities, will be acting with himself or the United States foremost in his mind.

In the video below, Eisen and Painter explain the law governing the president’s conflicts of interest, the risks of breaking it, and the action Donald Trump must urgently take to begin his presidency with a clean slate.