Islam and Women

Muqtedar Khan
Muqtedar Khan Former Brookings Expert, Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations - University of Delaware

May 25, 2003

In the aftermath of September 11, Islam, Muhammad and everything Muslim has come under close scrutiny—especially in those parts of America that seek to blame Islam for that horrible tragedy.

Evangelical attacks on Islam

It seems that a section of U.S. society—evangelical Christians—are determined to label Islam as an evil religion and Muhammad as a Prophet of violence, all because of the actions of 19 Muslims.

Doing so is like blaming Jesus and Christianity for what Hitler did to Jews (the Holocaust). For what Queen Isabella did to Muslims and Jews (the Inquisition). For what Americans did to African Americans (slavery and racism).

Since September 11, evangelical Christian leaders have called the Prophet of Islam a “terrorist” (Rev. Jerry Falwell)—and a “demon-possessed pedophile who had twelve wives” (Rev. Jerry Vine).

Demonizing Muslims

In these and similar attacks, evangelical Christians are seeking to stem the tide of conversions to Islam.

By demonizing Muhammad as a pedophile and a polygamist, they hope to generate enough distaste for Islam that it becomes difficult for more open and tolerant Americans to be accepting of Muslims and Islam.

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