Charts of the Week: Technology and industry in Africa

Figure 6.1: Sub-Saharan Africa: Total exports by partner

In this edition of Charts of the Week, research and data on technology and industry in Africa. For more research on economic growth, governance, and other issues in Africa, visit the Africa Growth Initiative.

Revenue from transfers and local resources

Africa’s economy is growing more slowly than other world economies, Eyerusalem Siba writes, but also highlighting that cities are the bright spot in this sad reality. City environments outpace others areas on private sector job creation, productivity, and per capita growth. Siba lays out routes for maximizing the potential of cities on the continent.

This bar chart looks at cities in developing countries all across the world.figure-1-revenue-from-transfers

Technology hubs across Africa

Viola Llewellyn discusses the impact of Ovamba, a “fintech” platform that specializes in technology and trade, on the continent of Africa. By injecting capital into countries’ economies, Ovamba has been able to boost the technological hubs across the continent.

Figure 5.6 Africa tech hubs landscape

Sub-Saharan Africa: Total exports by Partner

Over the past 20 years, Africa has been forging a strong trading relationship with China, write Wenjie Chen and Roger Nord. As a result, there has been a surge in exports in Sub-Saharan Africa, serving both Africa and China well.

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