Cash assistance for child poverty

In this episode of Intersections, guest interviewer Ron Haskins, co-director of the Brookings Center on Children and Families, discusses changes in the social safety net and the role of cash assistance in meeting the needs of families with children with Luke Shaefer of the University of Michigan and Chris Wimer from Columbia University. Shaefer and Wimer present details from their upcoming papers on the costs and benefits of establishing a universal child allowance to provide families with a measure of financial stability.

Show notes:
Should the U.S. enact a universal child allowance?

Welfare, a shadow of its former self

$2 a day: Living on almost nothing in America

$2 a day: A more complete picture

Time to reform welfare reform to end $2-a-day poverty

Mapping working family tax credits and their anti-poverty effect

With thanks to audio producer Gaston Reboredo and thanks for additional support from Vanessa Sauter, Fred Dews and Richard Fawal.

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