Brookings Today, 1/7/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • The Charlie Hebdo attack. Read a roundup of what Brookings experts are saying about the deadly attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.
  • Defending press freedom in France. Philippe Le Corre calls the attack on Charlie Hebdoa case for national unity in France.”
  • Governance challenges for the new Congress. Philip Wallach observes that the 114th Congress “must do better” in terms of the “small stuff“—the non-headline legislative work to keep America’s statutory law up to date.
  • Scaling up quality learning programs. Jenny Perlman Robinson interviews Claudia Costin about her experience leading Rio de Janeiro’s “Schools of Tomorrow” program.
  • Syria: A broken, fragmented state. Salman Shaikh, interviewed by Syria Deeply, says that “It is going to a very long time and a hell of a job for Syrians to put their country back together, even if Assad goes.”
  • Bipartisan policies to promote innovation. Josh Bleiberg and Darrell West describe four innovation policy proposals that President Obama and Congress should consider.
  • Supreme Court must ignore Congress’s ACA passions. Henry Aaron explains why the Supreme Court, in the upcoming Obamacare case, should ignore a proposal advanced by a Georgetown professor that will never become law anyway.
  • What a metro area needs to successfully export. Amy Liu and Benjamin Sio review the top features of a good metro export plan.