Brookings Scholars on the Ukraine/Crimea Crisis, 3/5/14

Brookings experts continue to offer commentary and recommendations on the unfolding crisis in Ukraine and Crimea. See previous editions of this roundup here and here. Brookings experts will participate in a public event on Friday, March 7 that will be webcast live.

Michael O’Hanlon offers several reasons why he is “slightly less anxious about the Ukraine crisis than many people seem to be.”

William Galston writes that the “White House must forge a strong and united international response to Putin’s grab in Ukraine.” (WSJ subscription required) 

Steven Pifer appeared on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” to discuss the latest developments:

Pifer told TIME’s Swampland blog what NATO might do if Russian forces move into eastern Ukraine:

Only if you saw the Russians go into eastern Ukraine, which I don’t think Russians will do, but if you had that kind of conflict going on, at least some NATO members would say we don’t want to send NATO troops but let’s start sending them equipment that could be of use, ground to air missiles, that sort of thing.

Here is some of what scholars are saying on Twitter:

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