Brookings Data Now: 686 Applicants for Iran’s 2013 President Election, and more

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: running for president of Iran; corporate giving to global education; 2012 child poverty rate; Taiwan’s energy consumption; and Medicaid coverage.


Applicants filed to run in Iran’s 2013 presidential election

Eight were approved to run, and cleric Hassan Rouhani won. Find out how he won this surprising election and what it may mean for the future of U.S.-Iran relations, especially on the nuclear issue, in the new Brookings Essay by Suzanne Maloney.


Corporate sector giving to global health vs. to global education

Read why the private sector should more fully engage in solving the global education crisis, especially in countries where demographic shifts will add tremendous burdens to their already weak systems. 


Estimated poverty rate in 2012 for children

Isabel Sawhill and Kim Howard, in advance of the U.S. Census Bureau’s release next week of its annual report on the national poverty rate for 2012, predict an overall poverty rate of 14.8%.


Of Taiwan’s energy consumption depends on imports

Learn more about Taiwan’s energy security challenges.

50 million +

Americans are covered by Medicaid

Read more about how reforms in Medicaid can help control health care cost growth.