Brookings Data Now: 40 Percent of all Chinese Exports from One Province, and More

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: China’s behemoth province; early education interventions increase lifetime earnings; China’s more technocratic leadership; mobile medical technology’s cost saving potential; success benchmarks for the Affordable Care Act.


Approximate share of all Chinese exports from Guangdong province

The coastal province has a population of about 100 million, larger than California, Texas, New York and Florida combined.


Increase in lifetime income of average individual receiving selected early education interventions

The Social Genome Project simulates closing of income-based early childhood gaps.


Number law-degree holders in China’s Central Committee of the 18th Party Congress

In contrast, in 1955 only 5 percent of high-ranking party officials had a junior high school education or above.


Nearly 3/4 of medical expenditures are for a small number of chronic illnesses 

These include: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and asthma. Mobile technology applications have the potential to control costs, reduce errors and improve patients’ experiences


Number of key benchmarks for success of Affordable Care Act implementation

Read about them in a new paper from the Center for Effective Public Management.

Colleen Lineweaver contributed to this post.