Best of the Brookings Cafeteria podcast in 2016

2016 is finally over and with it another great year for the Brookings Cafeteria podcast. We had 52 episodes, over 60 guests, and covered dozens of policy topics. We celebrated the centennial of the Brookings Institution in a few episodes. The Academy of Podcasters at Podcast Movement honored us once again with a nomination as best education podcast of the year. Our team experienced some changes but still turned out a terrific show every week.

To celebrate the closing of the year, today’s show features our favorite clips from past 12 months.

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Thanks to all of those who made 2016 another great year for the show:

  • Gaston Reboredo, audio engineer and producer, who took over from Zack Kulzer after Zack moved out west
  • Vanessa Sauter, producer, who replaced Carisa Neitsche, who left to pursue graduate studies
  • Bill Finan, interviewer with the authors of Brookings Press books
  • Adrianna Pita, the host of the Intersections podcast and guest host of some episodes
  • Sara Abdel Rahim and Basseem Maliki, interns extraordinaire. Basseem helped  find all the clips for this show
  • Mark Hoelscher, who produced a few shows and assisted with audio production in others
  • Jessica Pavone, Eric Abalahin, and Rebecca Viser, who provide design and web support
  • Richard Fawal and David Nassar, who provide their leadership and support.

Show Notes:

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