Archive version of Brookings’s White House Turnover Tracker

Editor's note:

This page is an archived version of the Cabinet-level section of Brookings’s White House Turnover Tracker, which was revamped with a new methodology on May 21, 2019. This page is a snapshot of how it appeared before the update. It has been preserved here for reference, and is no longer being updated.

Turnover in the president’s cabinet

The chart and table below are dedicated to tracking turnover in the Cabinet. They will also be updated as additional turnover occurs. Unlike the trackers above dedicated to the president’s “A Team,” these resources look at every departure from the president’s Cabinet, even if multiple people have occupied that position.

Summary and analysis of Cabinet departures in the Trump administration

Set out below is a list of departures from the president’s Cabinet since the beginning of the Trump administration.

Year Position Name Prior Job Nature of Departure Date of Departure Announcement Where to? Successor
1 Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly U.S. Marine Corps Promoted 7/28/2017 White House Chief of Staff Kirstjen Nielsen
1 Chief of Staff Reince Priebus RNC Resigned Under Pressure (RUP) 7/28/2017 Michael Best and Friedrich LLP (Lobbying) John F. Kelly
1 Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price Member of the House RUP 9/29/2017 Jackson Healthcare Alex Azar
2 CIA Director Mike Pompeo Member of the House Promoted 3/13/2018 Secretary of State Gina Haspel
2 Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Exxon RUP 3/13/2018 Unknown Mike Pompeo
2 Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin U.S. Government (VA) RUP 3/28/2018 Unknown Robert Wilkie
2 Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt Oklahoma Attorney General RUP 7/5/2018 Unknown Andrew Wheeler
2 U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley South Carolina Governor Resigned 10/9/2018 (effective end of 2018) Unknown Unknown
2 Attorney General Jeff Sessions U.S. Senator RUP 11/7/2018 Unknown William Barr
2 Chief of Staff John F. Kelly Secretary of Homeland Security RUP 12/08/2018 Unknown Mick Mulvaney (acting)
2 OMB Director Mick Mulvaney Member of the House Promoted 12/14/2018 Acting Chief of Staff Russell Vought (acting)
2 Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke Member of the House RUP 12/15/2018 (effective end of 2018) Artillery One David Bernhardt
2 Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis Retired Protest Resignation (PR) 12/20/2018 Unknown Patrick Shanahan (acting)
3 Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon Political candidate Resigned 3/29/2019 America First Action Jovita Carranza (acting)
3 Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen Deputy Chief of Staff RUP 4/7/2019 Unclear Kevin McAleenan (acting)
Sources: Government websites and various news sources. Note: Many thanks to Elaine Kamarck and Nicholas Zeppos, who contributed to the initial data collection for this section.