13th annual Municipal Finance Conference


13th annual Municipal Finance Conference


A conversation on President Obama’s trip to Kenya and Ethiopia

Ahead of President Obama’s trip to Kenya and Ethiopia, which also includes a visit to African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Brookings scholars Amadou Sy and Witney Schneidman discuss the trip’s top agenda items of trade, economic growth, and the evolution of U.S.-Africa relations.

Witney Schneidman:

“No administration prior has really engaged the U.S. and the African private sectors seriously and as constructively as this one has. And given the complexity of the African economy and the African market, this [trip] is a good way to help U.S. companies get into the African market and to make an important contribution to economic development as well.”

Amadou Sy:

“When I think about President Obama’s relationship with Africa, I think about two words. One is catalytic and the second one is partnership.  I think it’s really clear and he said it publicly that he’s seeing Africa as a partner. And it is very timely because this is coming at a time when the Africans themselves are having … a common African position when it comes to what to do in the future, when it comes to sustainable development goals, financing for development, and even the COP21 in Paris.”

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