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Rights and Permissions Policy

Non-exclusive, one-time-use photocopy permission—for classroom or conference purposes—is available upon request. Reprint permission is also available. The standard fee varies depending on the rights requested. No more than one-third of any particular book may be reproduced.

To request permission to photocopy or reprint materials from Brookings publications, please write to:

Rights & Permissions Office
Brookings Institution Press
Attn: Kristen Harrison
1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036-2188
Fax: (202) 536-3623

Include the complete information of the requested work—author, title, sections/pages to be copied or reprinted, and number of copies to be made—along with a brief description of your project. You may also direct your request to the Copyright Clearance Center. Click here to access the Center’s online granting service.

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