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About the Center on Children and Families

The Center on Children and Families studies policies that affect the well-being of America’s children and their parents, especially children in less advantaged families. The Center addresses the issues of poverty, inequality, and lack of opportunity in the United States and seeks to find more effective means of addressing these problems.

The Center on Children and Families focuses its resources on examining six issues that we believe will be at the heart of domestic social policy debates for at least the next decade. These issues are:

• Increasing economic mobility and opportunity for low-income families;
• The key role of education in increasing economic mobility;
• Reducing the growth of single-parent families;
• Investments in children to increase their access to opportunity;
• The enormous fiscal challenge of a growing elderly population; and
• The formulation and uses of evidence-based policy.


Ron Haskins, Co-Director of CCF, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies
Richard V. Reeves, Co-Director of CCF, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies
Isabel V. Sawhill, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies
Grover J. “Russ” Whitehurst, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies

Affiliated Scholars

Carol Graham, Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development
Randall Akee, David M. Rubenstein Fellow, Economic Studies


Katherine Guyot, Senior Research Assistant
Christopher Pulliam, Research Assistant
Morgan Welch, Project Coordinator

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