Workers are pictured beneath clocks displaying time zones in various parts of the world at an outsourcing centre in Bangalore February 29, 2012. The business of storing, decoding and analysing unstructured data - think video, Facebook updates, Tweets, Internet searches and public cameras - along with mountains of facts and figures can help companies increase profits, cut costs and improve service, and is now one of the world's hottest industries. It's called Big Data, and although much of the work is done in the United States, India is getting an increasing slice of the action, re-energising an IT sector whose growth has begun to falter. Picture taken February 29, 2012. REUTERS/Vivek Prakash (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT POLITICS)

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Moving to “Regulatory Standard Time” for rapidly developing technology

October 28, 2015, Stuart N. Brotman

“Too soon” and “too long” seem to capture the frustration of many stakeholders in the actions of independent regulatory agencies like the Federal Communications Commission. Adopting a “Regulatory Standard Time” may provide a solution.

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