REUTERS/Junaidi Hanafiah - Police guard a wooden boat carrying ethnic Rohingya refugees from Myanmar as it heads for Lampulo harbour April 8, 2013, where the refugees will be transferred to a temporary shelter in Krueng Raya in Aceh Besar. About 74 Rohingya refugees, who were heading for Australia, were found stranded on Aceh island by Indonesian fishermen on Sunday, a police official said on Monday.

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Transnational Threats in East Asia

June 2014, Kongdan Oh

For a region that hasn’t seen a real shooting war in almost 40 years, East Asia is surprisingly tense. Threats abound, generating anxiety and bad feeling. Kongdan Oh provides a survey of many of the non-traditional and transnational threats that are perceived around the region, and suggests steps to mitigate them.

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