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Cuban millennials look ahead to building the new Cuban economy

June 2, 2016, Tess Snodgrass and Fred Dews

The Brookings Book Club event hosted a dynamic discussion about Richard Feinberg’s new book, “Open for Business: Building the New Cuban Economy” (Brookings, 2016). NPR correspondent Tom Gjelten and Feinberg’s conversation examined some of the impediments to the ongoing reform process in a shifting political atmosphere--the continuation of price controls in Cuba, brain drain as young Cubans emigrate, conditions in Cuba that could favor corruption, the implications of the still uncertain outcome of the upcoming U.S. presidential elections and Raúl Castro’s rotation out of the presidency in 2018. A discussion with three Cuban millennials on the panel turned more subjective about the challenges and opportunities Cuba is now balancing. Watch a Facebook Live video here.

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