China's Political Development

Chinese and American Perspectives

China's path to political reform over the last three decades has been slow, but discourse among Chinese political scientists continues to be vigorous and forward thinking. China's Political Development offers a unique look into the country's evolving political process by combining chapters authored by twelve prominent Chinese political scientists with an extensive commentary on each chapter by an American scholar of the Chinese political system. Each chapter focuses on a major aspect of the development of the Chinese Party-state, encompassing the changing relations among its constituent parts as well as its evolving approaches toward economic gorwth, civil society, grassroots elections, and the intertwined problems of supervision and corruption.

Together, these analyses highlight the history, strategy, policies, and implementation of governance reforms since 1978 and the authors' recommendations for future changes. This extensive work provides the deep background necessary to understand the sociopolitical context and intellectual currents. behind the reform agenda announced at the landmark Third Plenum in 2013. Shedding light through contrasting perspectives, the book provides an overview of the efforts China has directed toward developing good governance, the challenges it faces, and its future direction.



Kenneth Lieberthal and Cheng Li

Toward Good Governance in China: Perspectives of Chinese and American Scholars
Yu Keping

1 The People’s Republic of China’s Sixty Years of Political Development
Yu Keping
Comment by Kenneth Lieberthal

2. Transition from a Revolutionary Party to a Governing Party
Wang Changjiang
Comment by Larry Diamond

3. The People’s Congress System and China’s Constitutional Development
Shi Hexing
Comment by Jacques deLisle

4. Political Consultation and Consultative Politics in China
Lin Shangli
Comment by Joseph Fewsmith

5. The Rise of Civil Society in China
Wang Ming
Comment by Mary Gallagher

6. China’s Experiments in Social Autonomy and Grassroots Democracy
Yan Jirong
Comment by Andrew G. Walder

7. China’s Public Service System
Yu Jianxing
Comment by Tony Saich

8. Decentralization and Central-Local Relations in Reform-Era China
Yang Guangbin
Comment by Lynn White

9. China’s Grassroots Democracy
Huang Weiping
Comment by Jean C. Oi

10. China’s Interest-Coordinating Mechanism
Jing Yuejin
Comment by Cheng Li

11. Contemporary China’s Decisionmaking System
Zhou Guanghui
Comment by David M. Lampton

12. Building a Modern National Integrity System: Anticorruption and Checks and Balance of Power in China
He Zengke
Comment by Melanie Manion