Jan 17

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President Obama’s NSA Reforms Speech: What Are the Implications for Privacy, Commerce and National Security?



  • Obama’s NSA Speech a Morale Boost for Fort Meade

    Bruce Riedel: I can’t imagine a better description in the eyes of Fort Meade than the one the president gave them. It’s a powerful morale booster.

    Bruce Riedel

  • On Obama’s NSA Protections for Non-U.S. Nationals

    Cameron Kerry: Extending protections to non-U.S. nationals in intelligence gathering will resonate with the international community. The president’s statement is public and binding.

    Cameron F. Kerry

  • Obama’s NSA Speech Omits Internet Governance

    Ian Wallace: Internet governance is a crucial issue that President Obama didn’t deal with in the NSA speech. In debate between maintaining current Internet oversight and a more governmental approach, many governments are distancing themselves from the U.S.

    Ian Wallace

  • Most Important NSA Issue Is Not Metadata Collection

    Benjamin Wittes: Metadata collection under 215 authority is the “molten core” of the political debate but it is not the most important issue. But if Congress can’t implement an alternative system, we will keep living under existing authority.

    Benjamin Wittes

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President Obama is delivering a highly anticipated speech today, addressing proposed reforms to how the National Security Agency (NSA) conducts surveillance and intelligence gathering. During this address, the president is expected to issue new guidelines to limit government surveillance and also reject and embrace various proposed reforms to the NSA, recommendations that come from a review committee the president himself appointed to examine these thorny issues.

On January 17, Governance Studies and Foreign Policy at Brookings held a forum to examine the impact of President Obama’s address and its implications on privacy, Internet commerce, and national security. A panel of experts will discussed questions raised by these proposed reforms and what the president’s speech means for how the NSA conducts its surveillance.

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January 17, 2014

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EST

The Brookings Institution

Saul and Zilkha Rooms

1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW


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