May 9

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Going Global: Boosting Ohio's Economic Future

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In the aftermath of the Great Recession, major U.S. urban and metropolitan areas need to fully engage in the global marketplace in order to create more and better jobs, spur global demand abroad and attract global talent and capital at home. The Global Cities Initiative—a joint project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase—aims to help leaders in U.S. metropolitan areas reorient their economies toward greater engagement in world markets.

On May 9, the Metropolitan Policy program at Brookings and JPMorgan Chase hosted a live webcast of “Going Global: Boosting Ohio’s Economic Future,” the second in a series of domestic and international forums being convened this year by the Global Cities Initiative. The forum explore how metropolitan-led economic growth—including global trade and investment—are important for job creation, and how Ohio can leverage its position in the global market.

"Locating American Manufacturing: Trends in the Geography of Production", a report by Howard Wial, Susan Helper, and Timothy Krueger, was released at the event.

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Event Agenda

  • Opening Remarks

    • Dr. Gordon Gee


      The Ohio State University

  • Introduction

    • James M. Malz

      President and CEO

      Chase Ohio

  • Presentation - Ohio and the Next Economy

  • Panel One - The Global Metro

  • Panel Two - Realizing Ohio Metropolitan Regions’ Potential as Global Cities

    • Moderator


      Amy Liu

      Co-Director and Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program

    • Denyse Ferguson

      Senior Vice President, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber

      Executive Director, Cincinnati USA Partnership

    • Alex Fischer

      President and CEO

      The Columbus Partnership

    • Mark Kvamme

      President and Interim CIO

      Jobs Ohio

    • Brad Whitehead


      Fund for Our Economic Future

  • Moderated Discussion – Manufacturing and Exports in the Global Economy

    • Moderator

      Peter Scher

      Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate Responsibility

      JPMorgan Chase

    • Honorable Peter Ammon

      Ambassador of Germany to the United States

    • Henry Cialone

      President and CEO

      Edison Welding Institute


May 9, 2012

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT


1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW


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