Center for Universal Education


Based on guidance from technical working groups and input from broad global consultations, the task force released a series of reports entitled Toward Universal Learning with the recommendations from LMTF 1.0 to help countries and international organizations measure and improve learning outcomes for children and youth worldwide.

Visit the landing page for each report below to learn more and download the publication in multiple languages.

Toward Universal Learning Series:

Recommendations from the Learning Metrics Task Force

The final summary from LMTF 1.0 outlines a series of recommendations to use existing assessments of learning as well as innovative, new measures, to improve learning opportunities and outcomes for all children and youth. A four-page brief is also available in multiple languages.

Report No. 3, Implementing Assessment to Improve Learning

Phase III of LMTF 1.0 focused on the critical question of implementation, with recommendations for practical actions to deliver and measure progress toward improved learning outcomes. Report No. 3 is currently in production.

Report No. 2A Global Framework for Measuring Learning

The second task force report presents the results of LMTF 1.0 Phase II on Measures and Methods. Drawing on inputs from the working group and public consultation, the task force recommended six areas of measurement for tracking at the global level in order to fill the global data gap on learning.

Report No. 1What Every Child Should Learn

The first task force report presents the results of LMTF 1.0 Phase I on Standards. In this report the task force put forth a holistic framework of seven learning domains important for all children and youth from early childhood through lower secondary.