You can bring Brookings Executive Education (BEE) to your agency or facility anywhere in the world. BEE with YOU provides cutting-edge instruction on innovative leadership and management practices. It also allows your workforce the opportunity to learn from some of the best educators in the country and offers credit toward a degree or Certificate in Public Leadership. And you have the option of including course assessments to measure the impact of learning.

Purchasing our leadership or policy courses for on-site delivery eliminates travel expenses and substantially lowers your per-attendee cost. Not only does BEE with YOU provide a new way to stretch training investments, it also promotes cultural change by having teams attend the same high-quality/high-impact learning experience.

Eliminating the design time and expense for highly tailored programs provides a cost-effective approach to learning and performance improvement. Most courses can be purchased under Simplified Acquisition Procedures.

The following categories of classes can be brought to your facility:

Executive Pathways: Select from among 24 courses, each based on an Office of Personnel Management Executive Core Qualification competency. Courses may be delivered in a one day or two day format. To help guide your selection of courses we will provide you with 25 leadership assessments at no cost allowing you to identify shared learning needs most critical for your organization.

Frequently chosen courses for BEE with YOU include:

  • Resilience in Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking: Driving Long-Term Success
  • Problem Solving Through Critical Thinking
  • Visioning and Leading Change
  • Interpersonal Savvy for Leaders
  • Inspiring Creativity

Managing the Federal Employee: Discipline and Performance Process: In this lively program, you will learn practical tools to expertly manage discipline and performance issues among your employees. Highly acclaimed, Managing the Federal Employee, is available as a one- or two-day program.

Governmental Processes: While nothing can replace the impact of learning about how government works in the halls of government itself, we can provide on-site seminars on policymaking. These include: Congressional Operations; Executive Operations Budget Basics for Government Managers; and Regulatory Politics.

Download our BEE with You information packet.