Below are fact sheets and analyses of areas related to retirement security. All links lead to PDFs.

Automatic IRAs: Extending Retirement Saving Opportunities to 78 Million More American Workers
August 2009

What the Media and Others Are Saying About the Automatic IRA
June 2009

Split Refund and Saver’s Credit: Two Better Ways to Save for Retirement
February 2008

The Automatic 401(k): Enhancing Retirement Security for America’s Workers
June 2007

Automatic Savings Vehicles: Pointing Workers and the Economy in a Pro-Saving Direction
November 2006

Analysis of the Pension Protection Act of 2006: Increasing Participation Through the Automatic 401(k) and Saver’s Credit
August 2006

Retirement Assets and the 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances
March 2006

Additional Resources
Strategies to Increase the Retirement Savings in African American Households Lina Walker and Ngina Chiteji
November 2008

Removing Barriers to Retirement Saving in Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income Robert Greenstein and Zoe Neuberger
October 2008

Framing, Reference Points, and Preferences for Life Annuities Jeffrey R. Brown, Jeffrey R. Kling, Sendhil Mullainathan, Garth R. Wiens, and Marian V. Wrobel
October 2008

Changing Medicaid and SSI Rules to Encourage Retirement Saving Robert Greenstein and Zoe Neuberger
September 2008

The Automatic 401(k): Revenue and Distributional Estimates Benjamin H. Harris and Christopher Geissler
July 2008

Retirement Security for Women: Progress to Date and Polices for Tomorrow Leslie Papke and Lina Walker
March 2008

Why Don’t People Choose Annuities? A Framing Explanation Jeffrey R. Brown, Jeffrey R. Kling, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Marian V. Wrobel
March 2008

Analysis of the Automatic IRA Act of 2007 Retirement Security Project
January 2008

State by State: Workers Without Access to Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plan Retirement Security Project
January 2008

Fee and Expense Disclosures to Participants in Individual Account Plans Retirement Security Project
July 2007

Increasing Retirement Saving: Clarifying Food Stamp Asset Test Rules Retirement Security Project
May 2007

Leveraging Tax Refunds to Encourage Savings Peter Tufano, Daniel Schneider, and Sondra Beverly
August 2005

Protecting Low-Income Families’ Retirement Savings Zoë Neuberger, Robert Greenstein and Eileen P. Sweeney
June 2005