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The Brookings Foreign Policy Interview

The Brookings Foreign Policy Interview series convenes Brookings experts on a range of foreign policy challenges facing the United States to explore and debate diverse viewpoints and policy options. From the security crisis on the Korean Peninsula to U.S. policy in Afghanistan to the military and economic rise of China, Brookings scholars bring a variety of perspectives on today’s top challenges in international affairs. The interviews in this series are edited transcripts based on in-depth conversations guided by Vice President and Director of Foreign Policy Bruce Jones.

After more than 15 years of war in Afghanistan, a panel of Brookings experts provide their assessments of evolving U.S. objectives in the country, progress to date, enduring challenges, regional dynamics, burden-sharing with partners, and policy recommendations for U.S. strategy going forward.

The most pivotal question in geopolitical affairs is whether and how the United States will exercise its military power to impose costs on China for seeking to assert military dominance in Asia. Brookings experts discuss how the United States should approach this highly consequential relationship.

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