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GERMANY, Hamburg, peaceful protest rally on St. Pauli against G-20 summit GERMANY, Hamburg, protest rally on St. Pauli against G-20 summit in july 2017 *** DEUTSCHLAND, Hamburg, St. Pauli, Protest Demo gegen G20 Gipfel und Klimawandel Hamburg Germany No Use Switzerland. No Use Germany. No Use Japan. No Use Austria

Introducing the climate change challenge

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Climate change is all over the news these days. We hear about hurricanes and heatwaves, droughts and floods, and young people protesting to fix the problem now. Climate change was a centerpiece of President Biden’s campaign in 2020, but it is still a divisive issue in U.S. politics. In this inaugural episode of Climate Sense, Samantha Gross and her guests address the science and origins of climate change and the sources of the pollutants that are warming our world.

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