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On the Record

Security Challenges in Libya

Ibrahim Sharqieh joins a panel of experts including Mohamed Nasr Harizi, spokesman for the Transitional National Assembly; Khalid Sharif, commander of the National Guard in Tripoli; and Dr. Saleh al-Sanusi, professor of political science and international law at the University of Benghazi on Al Jazeera Arabic’s program “Hadeeth Al Thawra” (Talk of the Revolution) to discuss the latest security challenges facing Libya.

The issue of arms proliferation in post-Gadhafi Libya is now back at the forefront as clashes between and within tribes and different armed groups raise many questions regarding the stability and security of Libya, not to mention the ability of the transitional government to contain the revolutionaries’ weapons and impose it s authority over the nation’s territories and borders.

View the full interview or read the transcript in Arabic on Al Jazeera Arabic »

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