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Chautauqua Institution and the Brookings Institution Plan Joint Program

August 3, 2005

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Chautauqua Institution
Chautauqua Institution Announcement (PDF)

Chautauqua Institution and the Brookings Institution are pleased to announce that they will collaborate in planning and producing Chautauqua’s opening week of the 2006 season (June 26 – June 30). The week marks the 20th Anniversary of the Chautauqua conference in Jurmala, Latvia and appropriately the theme is “Russia: A Post-Soviet Identity.”

One of the country’s oldest think tanks, the Brookings Institution is a private nonprofit organization devoted to independent research and innovative policy solutions. Brookings and Chautauqua have a long history of programming related to Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Through Chautauqua’s renowned morning lecture platform, Department of Religion afternoon programs, other special discussion sessions and related cultural and entertainment programming, the week will explore the complex issues facing modern day Russia and surrounding countries. Speakers will examine topics ranging from economics and education to the law and religion; from geopolitics and the environment to the role of NATO and freedom of the press.

Chautauqua President, Thomas M. Becker said, “Speakers from the Brookings Institution have often provided depth and insight to our lecture weeks. Strobe Talbott, president of Brookings and former Deputy Secretary of State and a specialist on the Soviet Union lectured in 2004 on ‘The Future of Diplomacy.’ Philip Gordon, director of the Brookings Center on the U.S. and Europe, keynoted our week on ‘Europe Today and Tomorrow’ this summer. As Strobe also participated in the Chautauqua Conference in Jurmala, Latvia, in 1986, our friendship has a long history. Frankly, we are thrilled to collaborate with one of our nation’s leading think-tanks, a model of bi-partisan analysis in the heart of Washington, D.C.”

Strobe Talbott, President of the Brookings Institution added, “As the Brookings Institution celebrates its 90th anniversary in 2006, it’s fitting that we collaborate with Chautauqua to discuss global issues related to Russia and the former Soviet Union. Brookings scholars have contributed a great deal over the years to the understanding of a country that has been both a rival and a partner to the United States. This important program will enrich our understanding of Russia’s role in the world economy, and its evolution into a more open society.”

Chautauqua Institution and the Brookings Institution will work together to select speakers, moderate sessions, design special discussions and related cultural and entertainment programs. The two Institutions will work jointly to secure financial support and collaborate on advertising and promotion.

As the program is developed, information will be readily available at Chautauqua’s Web site, and the Brookings Web site,


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