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Why Metros Matter to Global Trade and Commerce: Strengthening Linkages between U.S. and Brazilian Cities and Metros

The Global Cities Initiative São Paulo forum explored the role of metropolitan regions as the gateways to global trade and investment. Discussions focused on the tools, resources, partnerships and investments necessary to ensure metropolitan area competitiveness in the global economy.

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Networking Breakfast

Networking Break with Light Refreshments

Introductory Remarks

Closing Remarks

Networking Lunch


Introductory Remarks


Aod Cunha

Head of Public Sector Corporate Banking - JPMorgan Chase

Keynote Address


Jorge Gerdau

Chairman and President of the Board of Directors - Gerdau S.A.

Presentation: Why Metros Matter to Global Trade & Commerce

Response Panel: A Vision for Prosperous Metropolitan Economies


Morgan McGrath

Head of International Banking, Commercial Bank - JPMorgan Chase


Phillip Yang

Founder and Co-founder - URBEM and Petra Energia S.A.

Discussion: Reflection on the Shift to Sub-national Priorities for Competitiveness

Remarks and Reflections on GCI Los Angeles


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