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What Asians Think About Indian Power

In May 2017, a network of Asian think tanks led by the Perth US-Asia Centre released a six-country survey on attitudes towards the changing Asian and international order. Publics in China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, and India were asked questions about competition and cooperation between the United State, China, India, and others, as well as their views on those countries’ power, the future of trade and investment, and attitudes towards democracy.

To discuss the survey results, and in particular how the likes of China, Japan, and Australia perceive India’s role in the Indo-Pacific, Brookings India hosted a panel discussion featuring Stephen Smith, Australia’s former Foreign and Defense Minister, Gordon Flake, CEO at Perth USAsia Centre, and P.S. Raghavan, Chairman of India’s National Security Advisory Board.

The discussion was public and on-the-record.

Media coverage: ‘Indians rate themselves high about their global influence’, in The Print, September 6, 2017



Gordon Flake

Chief Executive Officer - Perth USAsia Centre

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