1:00 pm EDT - 1:45 pm EDT

Past Event

Webinar: Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke weighs in on the economic response to COVID-19

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm EDT

Online only

While health workers fight to restrain the spread of the COVID-19 virus itself, economic policymakers are examining the monetary and fiscal options for reducing the length and depth of the economic downturn that will follow in the wake of the virus. The Federal Reserve has already engaged many of its tools to ease the strain on the financial system, including some of the emergency mechanisms last used during the Great Recession, while Congress has passed a massive aid package for businesses and workers.

On Tuesday, April 7, Brookings will host an online discussion with former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke, now at the Hutchins Center at Brookings, on the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, how governments have responded so far, and what further options are available to soften the blow and help speed an economic recovery.

Chairman Bernanke and moderator David Wessel will take audience questions. Viewers can submit questions at [email protected] or on Twitter using #COVID19Economy.