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Past Event

Ukraine: Today’s Issues and Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Past Event

Ukraine: Today’s Issues and Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Twenty years after regaining independence, Ukraine continues to face a number of challenging issues—both at home and in its relations abroad. Questions remain on how to effectively consolidate the country’s economic reforms, including in the crucial energy sector, and build an open and competitive market economy. In the political realm, questions persist as to whether the country will develop a political system that reflects democratic values compatible with the standards of Europe. Balancing foreign policy interests between Russia and the West also remains a critical challenge.

On October 12, the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings hosted Vitaliy Klychko, chairman of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms, member of the Kyiv city council and three-time world heavyweight boxing champion, for a discussion of the challenges and opportunities Ukraine faces.

After the program, Mr. Klychko took audience questions. Brookings Senior Fellow Steven Pifer moderated the discussion.


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