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U.S. Policy Toward Africa on the Eve of the President’s Trip

President Bush travels to Africa July 7-12 on his first presidential visit to the continent. Bush’s trip, which will include stops in Botswana, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Uganda, follows an increase in terrorist threats and activity in Africa and congressional wrangling over America’s foreign aid spending.

In advance of the president’s trip, the Brookings Institution is convening a group of senior experts, including current and former assistant secretaries of state for African affairs, to preview the visit and discuss U.S. policy toward Africa. Walter Kansteiner will deliver a keynote address on the purpose and objectives of the president’s trip, and James Harmon will present the new recommendations of his commission on spurring private capital flows to Africa.





Chester Crocker

Former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (1981-1989)


Jamie Drummond

Executive Director, Debt, Aid and Trade for Africa (DATA)


Jim Harmon

Chairman, Commission on Capital Flows to Africa

Keynote Speaker

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