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The World Bank at a Crossroads

In the aftermath of former president Paul Wolfowitz’s resignation, questions regarding the World Bank’s commitment to its anti-corruption agenda continue to be raised and the Bank finds itself at a pivotal moment. Is it poised to face the challenges of corruption and effective governance within its development domain? With new president Robert Zoellick at the helm, the Bank has the opportunity to forge ahead to a more comprehensive governance strategy restoring confidence in its war on corruption.

On October 11, Brookings and Transparency International/USA hosted a discussion with former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, head of the recently published Independent Panel Review, providing new recommendations for the World Bank and other development organizations in implementing governance reform. David de Ferranti, Senior Fellow, Brookings Global Economy and Development and Huguette Labelle, chair of Transparency International, provided introductions prior to Paul Volcker’s presentation. Alan Larson, Transparency International USA Chair, moderates a question and answer session.





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