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Past Event

The social impact advantage: Making the business case for embracing equitable impact

Past Event

Our society is at a crossroads. It’s no longer enough to have the best product or the most value add for your customers. Today’s consumers demand more than just product quality and price. They’re looking at how a company aligns with their values, how tapped into the social climate they are, and how authentic their social stances appear. In order to increase revenue and seize the competitive edge, companies need to embrace social causes and do it the right way. In a new book, “The Social Impact Advantage: Win Customers and Talent By Harnessing Your Business For Good,” author Tynesia Boyea-Robinson offers tools, resources, and insights to help businesses successfully navigate the modern business climate in an authentic way.

On Thursday, November 3, Brookings Metro hosted an event to examine how to leverage the increased consumer pressure for businesses to “do good” for long-term, sustainable change. Speakers discussed how companies are driving equitable impacts and profits, while remaining authentic to their values.


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