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The Race for the GOP Nomination: A Live Web Chat with William Galston

The Republican race for the White House continues on Tuesday when voters in Maryland, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia head to the polls and cast their ballots for the party’s presidential nominee. While Mitt Romney has enjoyed a surge of support, securing critical endorsements from President George H.W. Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Paul Ryan, all four of the remaining candidates continue to campaign aggressively, hoping to capitalize on the momentum that will come from a decisive victory.

Will Tuesday’s primaries help Mitt Romney cement his status as the presumptive nominee? What’s next for Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich as the GOP nominating convention draws nearer?

On Wednesday, April 4, William Galston answered your questions in a live web chat with moderator Vivyan Tran of POLITCO.

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